Saturday, April 5, 2008

Breakin is not a memory

It's Saturday and I am ready for the weekend. Looks like it will turn out to be a great day but any day I am not pushing up Daisies is great for me.

So Ima try to get out, since I can now, and head to the theatre today, or some time this weekend. Not to go watch a typical blockbuster type movie that lacks substance, is overfilled with explosions, has unnecessary almost irrelevant sex scenes, has minimal mental stimulation, has no artistic creative flare or touch to it but to go watch Planet B-Boy a movie by Benson Lee.

Well it's more a documentary than an actual film. A documentary that focuses on the ever evolving movement and current scene of breakdancing mostly known as B-Boying. Yes people, breakdancing!! Please don't call it a comeback!! because it's been here for years. Just cause it is not in
of the media attention like back in the 80's does not mean it's a fad that came and is now gone. It just went back to it's natural roots.

Anyhow - Planet B-Boy combines breaking scenes with interviews and some old-school footage that I anticipate will be nostalgic for me. The film goes throughout the "planet" to capture the phenomenon of breakdancing and how it has advanced from its early stages of breaking on street corners or cardboard boxes.

If you go watch this film, I am sure you will get an eye treat full of power moves, complex freezes and pozes, amazing acrobatics and fancy footwork that I am sure will leave you mesmerized and will have you going back home trying to break.

Here's a little trailer of the film. It has a couple of scenes of one of my favorite breakdancers from Japan in t he begining. Love the scene. I also dig the train scene too.

here's a little something something too.....


yeaaaaah...ya'll didn't know I can bust huh?

alright ya'll gotta go - Hannah Montana is on.

places to go watch it:

Laemmle's One Colorado
42 Miller Alley
Old Pasadena, CA

Imaginasian Center
251 South Main Street
Los Angeles, CA


Anonymous said...

hey crazy. dope thoughts. im glad ur back in da streets n will c if u come n visit me or u forgotten bout me. im impress....just a lil

D - Link said...

Yo this movie looks dope. I have to go check it out.

thanks for posting this.