Monday, August 11, 2008

Meet El Pugz

Part of the our little Sunday session with Biser, Mandoe, Neo, Thiser, Bash, Wram, Sims and Dsrup - El Pugz makes his first significant public appearance after attempting to appear several times but failed too becuzz he suffered from buff plague.

El Pugz is a world called Mazetonia. He's relatively shy and hates the limelight or any kind of attention. He likes all kinds of music and does not care for fashion, likes hats and Converse and also likes eye-glasses. He has a custom chrome belt buckle that is also his mouth. He enjoys eating paint, drinking coffee, cupcakes and loves tacos with whipped-cream. He likes hanging out with his buddies but especially his friend Bizzarro - who is the only one that can understand his language.

El Pugz travels and occasionally settles-in in different worlds but only wishes to continue his journey of finding his way back home to Mazetonia. He has not met an Mazetonians in his journey nor knows how he ended up in different worlds.

The group picture with some of his friends and associates will come soon.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saturday Session Sneak Peek

Well yesterday, Saturday, we painted at our old Brandon alley spot. Under the crazy sun, we managed to rock, or better said begin, to rock the wall. With a proper line-up of: Neo, Panic and Size the production is definitely gonna come out sweet.

I am rocking most of the characters and some of the background. I also sorta plugged in or incorporated a little piece that will read Galo...

For right now, I leave you with one of the characters. The famously known Ghetto Cowboy or the Urban Cowboy (better known as me)

more pictures coming soon

Today - Sunday - Will be rocking another wall with some other heads. Pictures will be added soon