Monday, June 22, 2009

Re-cap of the Fin De Semana show

The show "Fin De Semana" was a great success. I was happy and pleased with the outcome and am also grateful of the hard work the FDS's put in to the show.

Having begun as a small, humble and casual show, the show sorta evolved to a more semi-formalized exhibit. It was definitely more than I had anticipated. The over all concept of the show was to experience a weekend paint session (hence Fin De Semana). BBQing, drinks passed around, painting, and chopping it up with friends and acquaintances, talking about old graff stories while signing blackbooks and slapping stickers. It was sure a great way to kick off the summer.

FDS - "From Da Street" was an uncut true street-like production. No matter how often we try to confine graffiti to galleries, sanctionize it and legalize all of its recent hoop-la of commercialization and sensationalism...true graffiti is raw and From Da Streets!!

Here are some photos of what was exhibited by photographer: Eriberto Oriol. The images are of the L.A.'s very own FDS crew painting and rocking the wall.

PLEASE NOTE - All photos are by and copyrighted by Eriberto Oriol

PLEASE NOTE AGAIN - All photos are by and copyrighted by Eriberto Oriol

and here is are a jam that can very well be the theme song of the show. I will follow up with images of the day of the show soon.

And for those that came out to support. Thank you!

And maybe look forward to a Fin De Summer or Final Days of Summer exhibit similar to this towards the end of summer. Just a thought to start brewing.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Wuddup peeps? show with L.A.s very own FDS crew this saturday June 20th at Jun-Keez - 5pm - 9 pm

Photography by Eriberto Oriol

Live Music Performance by: The Leeches

Dj Set by Dj 215

Artwork by LA's:


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