Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wassup everyone?? It's been reallly busy over the last weeks with many things in addition to many things with the Karan Koron Exhibition. The exhibit is just around the corner, June 14th, and things seem to be getting a bit hectic. Already dealing with some minor issues, usually the kind of stuff that is imperceptable to people the day of the event. but oh's what I choose to do. I am sure after the event - I will be happy with its fruits

I must say that many of my sponsors have been nothing but supportive. Yaegaki Sake has been one of the most supportive. Hirotaka-san and staff have been absolutely awesome. I must also say that their sake is among one of the best too. And ya'll need to make sure you come out to Karan Koron, not only to enjoy the show and see me but also try some of their sake and maybe even get a 300ml bottle in the 50-100 gift bags given out to the first 50-100 people that arrive. kampai!!!

Well it's Thursday morning, and honestly have only slept maybe two hours. Among my worries of work with the exhibition are the worries of living my life as a full fledge artist. Often known as the "feast and famine" lifestyle.......well I can assume you know where this is going. It's been rough - but I have to try to pull through and MAKE it. I've been very happy but at the same time not. And even though I have highly considered returning to a 9-5 - I have to hold on tight. This is my time and I have to try to do it. I've learned that life can throw some un-expected curves - and I'm just waiting for that pitch - aside from meeting an amazing small, beautiful, sexy, intelligent woman - the pitches thrown at me lately have been sinkers. I swing - but miss.

Come on ya'll - humor me!!! ya'll know I don't know JACK about sports and from somene who is oblivous to sports, I think I pretty much came up with a pretty cool analogy of my existential dilemma. nah? anyways....see you guys at my show.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yo - so I just found out that one of my favorite musicianz of all timez will be reigning the Roosevelt Hotel this year.

Prince is expected to do a 7 week residency at the historic Roosevelt Hotel ya'll!!!! what the heck???

It iz said that on 7 Friday nightz starting June 15, the hotel will close itz lobby at 9 pm. Then!!! at 11:30 pm, He (in capital H) will give a 2 hour performance. duuuuude!!! Then at 2 am His private chef will take over the kitchen of the Roosevelt's Dakota restaurant!!! It will then be turned into an after hourz dinner club thingy. And as part of a jazz ensemble, Prince will entertain dinerz until 4 am. DEWD - tha's just plain bad. Seriouzly - the man is a genius. Always had some crazy ideas

As of yet I have no clue, whatsoever, what the price of admission may even be. After thoroughly searching the internet, all I keep getting is that the ticket information will be available within the next weekz or so. oh-kaaaaaaay! I can't even begin to imagine what thiz will cost: My kidney? my arm? maybe my big ole gigantic giga head? - I don't even think that will even cover how much it will cost.........I may have to work the streetz in order to afford going!!!....naaah. don't want to do go back there again.

Anywayz - az a treat - ya'll on this newz list can pull your chippiez together and hook a brotha up!!! nah?? DANG!

They've alwayz said I've alwayz been a dreamer. But! I must say, some of my dreams have come through -

Prince Make

Friday, May 25, 2007


it's Friday and thank God it is it. this is supposedly a three day weekend and well, for some it may be and for some not. for some it is 4 days or 5 (aerrrmmmmm for those short CSM's that live in Big Bear)

regardless, it is the weekend. what do I have planned this weekend? I....don't.....know!! As much as I try to be organized and calendar everything I always seem to forget something or someone or.....I don't even remember. I know I have something to do this weekend I just don't know what. I forgot. It will come to me after the fact right?

I was supposed to go see one of my idols last night at The Mint. >>Sarah Silverman<< I had this whole thing planned if I went. I was gonna bum rush her, hopefully, and tell her about my show and beg her to come. I was like I hope I touch her a bit. Shake her hand - something. (pathetic huh?) But I didn't go DANG!!

I straight love her. She to me is the hottest comedian out there and overall she is just plain HOT. Jimmy Kimmel is lucky!! I have had the hots for her since her days at SNL. Now she is all big and whatnot with billboards and stuff. (sigh) Don't matter, she is still hot and still hotter than before. You know what's funny, I always seem to have the hots for someone who eventually becomes big. meaning I usually follow peeps before they are big. hmmmm...something to think about.

In case ya'll don't know and have cable you can see her hosting the MTV awards on June 3rd. and no I am not her publicist.

alrighteee all - talk to you soon.

Monday, May 21, 2007

busy busy busy....

wassup everyone....been busy - although it's all work and really no money. but oh well, I am sure it will pay off soon.
I will post information about the show I am woking on little later. I am still trying to get on the ball with this new blog thingy.

Above is a little action painting we did about a month ago at the venice contemporary.
it was a good event. Ryan Gosling was hanging out in the crowd. cool dude

aiiight to you guys soon.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

yo wassup everyone. today is sunday and I woke up early thinking about my event and of course God, life and all my girlz. No everyone!!! - not referring to the ones I blow-up. those get their own seperate time of thinking.

Anyways - I am exicted - the show seems to be snowballing into a major event. bigger than I assumed and/or believed it to be. I hope all reading this really decides to come by at least for a minute or so. I assure you, you will enjoy your time at the event. besides - it's an opportunity to see me too.

anyways - so I started this blog thing...yes yes yes!! another one. so what!!???

this is my official first post. so stay tuned to my newz and feel free to visit once in a while. the web addy is

anyways....all righty gotta go ya'll

I need to get used to this thing too so it may take me some time.


Saturday, May 19, 2007