Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday....just got paid - yeah right!!

I wish that was a song I can sing. Does anyone even remember that song? am I dating myself here? - come on? everyone needs to know... "Just got paid - Friday night - Party hoppin', feelin right - Booties shakin', all around - Pump that jam, while I'm gettin' down" ...hahahaha - more like if I got paid I'd be broke already. Man - IF I GOT PAID!!

anywho - I am just coming off my sabbatical. pheeeew! a week long one. man I have not slept like I have the last week. I think I have a few bed sores already. I must have been way exhuasted or somethiiiiiing!

so now I need to get on the ball - heavy burdened financially I need to do something!!! I attempted to sell myself on an undisclosed area but man....people wanted refunds. I was coming back home with empty pockets...more like more in debt! I was like - what the heck - i should be making money!! righhht? plst plst I quit - Now I owe the IRS, my credit cards, the library and my pimp! oh well...the american dream right? DEBT!!

so let's see what I got in store this weekend. I hope everyone has a great one - Ima keep it short this time around!

see ya!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

10 more days.....

.....well really ten pluz one. but yeah; ten more dayz until perhapz the craziest and funnest show I have organized and curated. I have dealt with many people at one time before but having to deal with 80 different artistz and from different countries, 80 different requestz, 80 different attitudez, 80 different personalitiez, 80 different level of egoz, 80 different "I want thiz and that", 80 80 80 80 80 80's definitely been something else.

anywayz - although stressed, filled with some uncertaintiez and a bit tired but restless I am very pleazed with what the turnout will be - or at least appearz to be. Working day in and day out I have not invested so much time into something without generating any kind of revenue in return - or let alone anything in return. (soundz a bit like my previous relationshipz) Don't get me wrong, I love every minute of it but at the same time I am like - I am over it!! why do I do it?? to keep my sanity I guess.

When I go to bed and rest my head on my pillow (As and FYI - I use a BEAN BAG as my pillow cuzz I couldn't find a pillow large enough for my head) - I am like - "what the heck did I do today?" - "where'z is the money?" - probably somewhere in the unseen realm waiting to materialize at it's ripe time.

so - I hope most of you reading thiz actually MAKE it out. It would be nice to see many of you whom I have not seen in a while. If you have never been to any of my shows or any of my gigs, this is definitely one to get de-virginized at.

If you do come out, pleaze, pleaze don't get ALLLLLL bent out of shape if I do not pay the attention YOU feel you deserve or at the level YOU feel you deserve it to be. Just come out and enjoy the show, enjoy the drinkz, enjoy the art, enjoy the ladiez, enjoy the men, enjoy the music, enjoy the performancez, enjoy the vibe, enjoy the people, enjoy the drinkz....and ladiez, in particular the cute ladiez, and of course if BORN ladiez, come and enjoy ME!!

see ya'll soon.