Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Directorial Debut

While hanging out with my boy Doc over the weekend, I felt the sudden urge to do some filming. Yep, you heard right...some filming.

So I asked him to grab his camcorder, some cans and told him to rock a little sumthin' sumthin' on his wall.  Nothing huge or elaborate...just something small, quick, simple and just for kicks. 

With camcorder in hand, I began to mess around by capturing some footage of him painting from all kinds of angles.  I would cue him in, yell "Action!"... and be like "Do this"..."Do that"..."Now try this"..."Now try that"... "No wait! Don't do that...." and at times he'd be like, "What about if I do this? or that?" (all excited) and I was like...straight up " about?...NA!".  At times, I don't think I would even let him finish his suggestions.  And between you and I, even if some sounded pretty good, I was like "NOPE!!!" I thought to myself, "if I was gonna debut as a director, it was gonna be all or nothing"...anyways....Back to the scene....

As he was finishing up what he had painted...I captured the last minutes of my footage and yelled "annnnnnd...CUT! - That's a wrap!"  - it actually felt pretty good to say that.

But now came the real challenge.  Placing it all on video format, editing it and adding a score to it.  Never have done any editing whatsoever at any capacity.  I dove straight into iMovie.  Yes people, I have a Mac...don't hate now! and began to mess with it.

The score came about by accident which pretty much sparked the idea for the editing.  And after 4 or 5 hours of sitting in front of the computer and messing with iMovie I came up with a running time of only 2 minutes. Anyways, peep it out...

Let me know your feedback and make sure you peep the credits out too.

**There are plenty of behind the scene shots that will, perhaps, be posted. And also be on the look out for an alternate ending too....**