Saturday, January 24, 2009

Prince is actually King

Alright people...many are aware and many aren't - but I've been a PRINCE fan since I was a youngen. I remember when I first heard PRINCE, I was only 8 years old when my hot babysitter Lorena introduced me to his music. She'd play the song "Soft and Wet" over and over again and she would sing and dance to me all sexy and seductive as I watched and I was like "Hell Yeah". I didn't know what it was I felt as I watched her sing and dance but it was an immediate BAMN!!! - I'm a fan.

You should have seen her. A 16 yr old hot and beautiful Nicaraguan girl signing:

"All I wanna see is the love in your eyes
And all I wanna hear is your sweet love sighs
All I wanna feel is burning flames
Tell me, tell me, baby, that u feel the same
Tell me that u feel the same way I do
Tell me that u love me girl"

I still imagine her singing to me every time I hear that song. Oh mannnnn - the stories I can tell you about her too. pheeeeew!

She lived across from me and one day she knocked on my door and invited over to watch American Bandstand cause PRINCE was about to perform. Oh man - when I first saw the guy I was like WTH? this guy is kinda funny but the first song he sang "I Wanna be Your Lover" ...I was like yeaaaah. "I wanna be your brother, I wanna be your mother and your sister, too" those lyrics!! I may not have understood the entire lyrics of the song but I knew I wanted to be her brother. As we sat in front of the tube watching, I'd occasionally glance over at Lorena and she was there...singing to the music...looking angelic. I remember at one point she reached over and grabbed my hand tightly.

This is suppose to be PRINCE's first televised performance and interview. It was shortly after the release of his self-titled album Prince, released in 1979. He was only 19 and had already made some noise because at the age of 15, he had turned down offers from major record companies because he wanted to produce his own albums and they wouldn't let him.

In this interview it is also rumored that PRINCE seemed a bit indifferent to Dick Clark because of some of the comments Dick made when interviewing PRINCE. i.e. "You would never think music like this would come out of Minneapolis" - Dick Clark

anywho - so I became a fan and here I am to this day, 30 years later, still a huge fan of PRINCE.

This is just part one of my stories with the man and his music. The second part will be about albums Dirty Mind, Controversy and maybe 1999 and some of the stories tied in to his music and how I also bloomed at an early age because of it. yep yep

alright ya'll see you soon...