Thursday, October 25, 2007

been busy...which is good...I guess!!

yeah man - been crazy busy. have not had no time for myself. I guess I should be thankful. but sometimes I am like "when will it end?" I wish it can all be summed up into one large event or gig get the pay and just chill. anyways, I just got back from, well a week or two ago, from back to back trips. exciting. tiring - but exciting.

I went to Seattle. Seattle was amazing. I had an awesome time. I loved the weather and definitely loved the food. I also styed with some friends up in Seattle that treated very well. While in Seattle I got a chacne to paint and anyways - here is what I painted in Seattle.

Upon my return I went to SF for a teacher's conference - yes a teacher's conference. I went to do a graffiti presntation. AWESOME!! SF and Oakland are fun. I had a blast while up there. Surprisingly I ran into four people I knew in different parts of the city. It's funny when that happens specially if you are amongst people from SF and the people you happen to run into are from different cities.

So on Saturday, October 20th - I painted at the West Coast Graffiti Party 2. It was fun it was a great turn out. Ran into so many people and friends I had not seen in a long time. Specially my old elemntarty freind Jason Vasquez - better know to ya'll as Son Doobie of the Funkdobbiest. it was a blessing to see him. Hadn't seen that fool in a lonnnnng time.

and sooooo last night. October 24th - I painted at an event up in Hollywood. Got a chance to meet Efren Ramirez, better known to ya'll as Pedro of Napolean Dynamite. He was DJing???? didn;t even know he DJ'ed. anyways here is a pic I took with him. check him out as i sport my Graffiti Saved My Life Shirt - that Vyal hooked me up with.