Monday, December 6, 2010


Now many ya'll know this blog of mine, as mainly anyone else's personal blog, is purely for my own shameless self-promotion, adventitious rants and the occasional random posts that highlights something, someone or a story I either find interesting or feel merited writing about and/or placing on my blog.  And whether or not you care about what I think of what is a worthy mention for my blog, I can care less too.  It's my blog...and this for me is MAKE'n NEWZ...

Anywho...for this quick blog blurp, Ima bring ya'll an interview on one of LA's tuffest BYRDS...thee All City, AT LARGE mob king HAELONE

From bus mobbing, to scribes, to stickers, to bombs, to throwies, to font-stylized pieces, to pooping on people...this all around graff king was recently interviewed and featured exclusively on Skate All Cities

Skate All Cities did a fantastic job and even went old school on all ya'll.  Keeping it OG, SAC conducted this interview the old fashion way...via... paper!!!...whaaaaat???? PAY-PER???...YEAH! How you internet, computer using, never handwritten a letter, much less held a pen, phone texting, tech communicating, non-snail mail knowing, computer generating-sticker making, spoiled bratz like that??? 

THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL A "PAPER" WRITTEN INTERVIEW EVERYONE are a few more pics before the SAC's intro...




So here is the interview....

What do you write and what crews do your represent?
I write HAELER, HAELONE, HAONE, HAELISM and I rep TNT, OTR, AL, MSK, LOD, DMS and the mobb BTM.

Which part of LA are you originally from?
I’m an Eastsider (Boyle Heights), East Los, Downtown LA. Born and raised.

You came from a couple generations of graffiti writers that have called it quits, so what keeps you going?
Yeah, I came from the Bus Writers, Bombers, Tag Bangers era and back to my roots again – straight bombing.

To answer the question, “What keeps you going?” My boy SKILL UTI put it best. Ten years ago he asked me, “I see you’re going hard right now, but when are you gonna stop? Eventually the gas in your tank is gonna run out.” Well I just seen him recently and after ten years he told me, “Damn I see you’re still going.” I said, “Yeah, I still got gas in my tank.” SKILL replied, “You know you’re the last of our bus mobbers generation that’s still going hard and you’re doing what I was doing when I stopped. I see you in me.” For him to say that to me coming from a good friend who inspired me growing up is what keeps me going. The whole AL squad and the rest of my crews from coast to coast is what also keeps me going as well. They all inspire me as much as I inspire them!

When will you or can you stop?

To read the complete dope interview on SKATE ALLCITIES click here ------> FULL STORY