Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SANER illustrates for Televisa

Televisa of Mexico has been celebrating great artists and thinkers through a series of video/commercials entitled IMAGINANTES.

For this series, they highlight one of the great artists of Mexico, Jose Guadalupe Posada

During the late 19th century, a young kid by the name of José Clemente Orozco would stop at a press/printing shop on his way to and from school. The shop had large windows and Posada was in plain full view. Orozco, confessed, he would stop by on his way to school and spend endless amount of time watching Posada at work. It was the dark, rich work and finishes of Posada's calaveras (skulls) that awakened Orozco's imagination who'd later become one the of greatest artists/muralists of Mexico and the world. It was an encounter of two great visionaries.

My friend, Saner, follows in Posada's footsteps and tradition. Known for his elaborate artwork of skulls, Saner was asked to illustrate for this series. Check out the work...

Trivia: Who are the other 3 greats of Mexico?