Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Pilot

wwwwwe je je je yeaaaah! after years of searching and Googling and Yahooing and you name it and even a ummmm poor attempt to sell my body to obtain a copy of this. I finally came across a 30 minute short that was aired back in the early 80's. In addition to feeding my cravings for anything BREAK related (and that is break-dancing for you whom may not know) this short also featured my good friend OzRock of the Air Force Crew.

This short, "The Pilot", was aired on ABC as one of their Weekend Specials; very similar to the after school specials. Part of those "scare-you-straight" type of shows/series that dealt with moral issues. Don't know if many or if any recall seeing them but they had episodes such as: "The Boy Who Drank Too Much" starring Scott Baio as a high school hockey player struggling with alcoholism. He also starred in "Stoned" which premise was set around peer pressure and its resultant drug abuse. Or the one entitled "What if I am Gay?" (which for the record I liked very much...I mean hated) I swear I did not, I repeat, DID NOT! relate to that one. (insert wide-eyed look)

anyways - For it's time, those may be considered "strong" subjects but they had softer more traditionally based ones. But they all had the same formula. A morality play that dealt with issues that may often be confronted by youth, of course in a prescriptive manner...right?

anyhow - here are the links. It's a bit long but I assure you you will enjoy watching it. It's broken up in to three parts. It surrounds the character Carla, played by Kelly Jo Minter. An insecure high school kid (girl) who's ostracized and ridiculed and deals with the issues of being different and not necessarily fitting into everyone's ideal view of "beauty" or norms. Yet, to their surprise, she is a bomb breaker and the show leads to the climatic battle between her "The Pilot" and OzRock.

watch it all - it's pretty cool. It stars Kelly Jo Minter (Doc Hollywood, Lost Boys) Katie Rich (NYPD Blues) the hot Kim Delfin (Asian cheerleader) OzRock, Crayone doing the graffiti in part 3 and all topped with a great soundtrack by Egyptian Lover.

enjoy and peace -