Friday, September 21, 2007

So I used to break more often. I actually wished I had not stopped but I may be hitting the floor again soon. This pose/freeze is a bit lazy and I realized I need to brush up on my game. I don't think I will ever be like dope to battle or anything but dope enough to rock on some young fools on the floor. I will serve them and school them.

you should see more of me breakin soon - watch out!!

Anyways - Meeting of Styles is this weekend. Over a hundred artists are coming out to rock a 10,000 square foot wall in the LA River - come check out history being made. for more info visit or

Media will be present, artists from NY, SD, Germany, Mexico - you name it. Come through -


Thursday, September 13, 2007

new event....and laziness.

what up peeps...I have been a bit lazy to come on here and blog. but I have been getting reamed by some telling me what's the point on having a blog it if I ain't blogging. I was like about some coffee?

anyways - so this one will be a bit short. I will be painting live at an event this Saturday. check flyer...come by if you around

in addition - i will also be having a B-Day coming soon. still have not decided what i want to do but will let ya'lll (who care) know...

see you guys soon and i will drive myself a bit more to rock some writing here. specially with a couple of events coming up soon...

and if you nag about my blogging then - how about commenting on it...