Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday....just got paid - yeah right!!

I wish that was a song I can sing. Does anyone even remember that song? am I dating myself here? - come on? everyone needs to know... "Just got paid - Friday night - Party hoppin', feelin right - Booties shakin', all around - Pump that jam, while I'm gettin' down" ...hahahaha - more like if I got paid I'd be broke already. Man - IF I GOT PAID!!

anywho - I am just coming off my sabbatical. pheeeew! a week long one. man I have not slept like I have the last week. I think I have a few bed sores already. I must have been way exhuasted or somethiiiiiing!

so now I need to get on the ball - heavy burdened financially I need to do something!!! I attempted to sell myself on an undisclosed area but man....people wanted refunds. I was coming back home with empty pockets...more like more in debt! I was like - what the heck - i should be making money!! righhht? plst plst I quit - Now I owe the IRS, my credit cards, the library and my pimp! oh well...the american dream right? DEBT!!

so let's see what I got in store this weekend. I hope everyone has a great one - Ima keep it short this time around!

see ya!!