Sunday, May 20, 2007

yo wassup everyone. today is sunday and I woke up early thinking about my event and of course God, life and all my girlz. No everyone!!! - not referring to the ones I blow-up. those get their own seperate time of thinking.

Anyways - I am exicted - the show seems to be snowballing into a major event. bigger than I assumed and/or believed it to be. I hope all reading this really decides to come by at least for a minute or so. I assure you, you will enjoy your time at the event. besides - it's an opportunity to see me too.

anyways - so I started this blog thing...yes yes yes!! another one. so what!!???

this is my official first post. so stay tuned to my newz and feel free to visit once in a while. the web addy is

anyways....all righty gotta go ya'll

I need to get used to this thing too so it may take me some time.


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