Friday, May 25, 2007


it's Friday and thank God it is it. this is supposedly a three day weekend and well, for some it may be and for some not. for some it is 4 days or 5 (aerrrmmmmm for those short CSM's that live in Big Bear)

regardless, it is the weekend. what do I have planned this weekend? I....don't.....know!! As much as I try to be organized and calendar everything I always seem to forget something or someone or.....I don't even remember. I know I have something to do this weekend I just don't know what. I forgot. It will come to me after the fact right?

I was supposed to go see one of my idols last night at The Mint. >>Sarah Silverman<< I had this whole thing planned if I went. I was gonna bum rush her, hopefully, and tell her about my show and beg her to come. I was like I hope I touch her a bit. Shake her hand - something. (pathetic huh?) But I didn't go DANG!!

I straight love her. She to me is the hottest comedian out there and overall she is just plain HOT. Jimmy Kimmel is lucky!! I have had the hots for her since her days at SNL. Now she is all big and whatnot with billboards and stuff. (sigh) Don't matter, she is still hot and still hotter than before. You know what's funny, I always seem to have the hots for someone who eventually becomes big. meaning I usually follow peeps before they are big. hmmmm...something to think about.

In case ya'll don't know and have cable you can see her hosting the MTV awards on June 3rd. and no I am not her publicist.

alrighteee all - talk to you soon.

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