Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yo - so I just found out that one of my favorite musicianz of all timez will be reigning the Roosevelt Hotel this year.

Prince is expected to do a 7 week residency at the historic Roosevelt Hotel ya'll!!!! what the heck???

It iz said that on 7 Friday nightz starting June 15, the hotel will close itz lobby at 9 pm. Then!!! at 11:30 pm, He (in capital H) will give a 2 hour performance. duuuuude!!! Then at 2 am His private chef will take over the kitchen of the Roosevelt's Dakota restaurant!!! It will then be turned into an after hourz dinner club thingy. And as part of a jazz ensemble, Prince will entertain dinerz until 4 am. DEWD - tha's just plain bad. Seriouzly - the man is a genius. Always had some crazy ideas

As of yet I have no clue, whatsoever, what the price of admission may even be. After thoroughly searching the internet, all I keep getting is that the ticket information will be available within the next weekz or so. oh-kaaaaaaay! I can't even begin to imagine what thiz will cost: My kidney? my arm? maybe my big ole gigantic giga head? - I don't even think that will even cover how much it will cost.........I may have to work the streetz in order to afford going!!!....naaah. don't want to do go back there again.

Anywayz - az a treat - ya'll on this newz list can pull your chippiez together and hook a brotha up!!! nah?? DANG!

They've alwayz said I've alwayz been a dreamer. But! I must say, some of my dreams have come through -

Prince Make

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