Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Check Is In The Mail"

They say that the “root of all evil is money” but that is a misquote. It’s actually “the love” of money that is the “root” of evil. And not that money itself is evil but the love of it may lead to evil actions. There are two things in life we love most Self and Money. They pretty much go hand-in-hand and we are willing to do anything for both.

Now - I’ve lost many friends over money as well as have had many relationships tarnished over petty amounts. Whether it’s been friends promising to pay me back and not paying me or lack of fulfilling and/or honoring their half of our verbal agreement. Some being evasive, not returning calls, screening calls etc. Some of them that have owed me money have blatantly sported new threads in my presence, bought fresh new phones (i.e. IPhone), had lavish parties and BBQs while still having the audacity to invite me.

Now is this necessarily evil?…I don’t know – but it sure makes me think it can be. Think about it. One who doesn't pay lies and deceits a friend. Betrays trust. Not only that, but opens the doors for anger and resentment to give birth. In addition, not paying back as agreed may very well place the loaner in a bad financial situation because he or she may have been counting on that money. Which, dependent on the amount, can have a detrimental domino affect on their life.

Now I ain't saying to not lend money to friends or family members. Sometimes friends or family are in a financial jam and are actually good for the money. But I am referring to those that aren't or may not be.

If you do decide to lend money - make sure you can afford to loose it. If you have a verbal agreement, make sure you articulate well the payment arrangements.

All I know is that when I have borrowed money – I come through. I make sure I pay. If I owe someone 100 bucks and all I have is a $100 then I strap myself and pay those $100. I believe being a man of your word determines who you are and really measures you as a person as opposed to the level or amount of money you have or make. That to me is the world’s system. In addition, coming through with your word nourishes a relationship and strengthens trust. THAT? money cannot buy. This is also in light of "loving thy neighbor" - putting them before your own selfish needs or desires.

On that note I leave you with these:

A modern day proverb says: “Want to never see a friend again? Lend them $20”

Another “Neither a borrower nor a lender be; for loan oft loses both itself and friend.” - by the great W. Shakespeare

And for you Bible readers out there (clearing my throat):
Proverbs 6:1-5

I also leave you with this great song by Divine Sounds -

And remember – “the check is in the mail”

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