Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Buffalo GalOs

I couldn't resist. I had to do it. My friend Stevio posted the old school song - Buffalo Gals by Malcolm McClaren and it was a throw back. I know the song and play it often but some times, timing is everything. When I heard it on his blog - the timing was great! Thanks Steve.

Buffalo Gals is in Malcom McClaren's DUCK ROCK album. The song skyrocketed during the early years of the Hip-Hop movement. The song became almost synonymous with Breakin' and Poppin' and was pretty much an anthem. In the video you can also see the great Dondi White rocking some graffiti on the wall. A "Sky's the Limit" piece

Malcolm was a great promoter. Knew how to work the scene. Many may not know but Malcolm once managed the Sex Pistols!!! yeaaaah!!! and has been credited for bringing the punk scene to London. He also managed Adam and the Ants!!

Who is Adam & the Ants you ask?? (shaking my head) check it out and take a trip down New Wave lane- for all you Goody two Shoes....

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