Sunday, September 28, 2008


So you guys must have been catching the trailer for Guy Ritchie's new movie ROCKnROLLA - if you have not well here is the trailer...

Thanks to a friend of mine, Brandi Hugo, whom I met working on another film project I was hired by Dark Castle Entertainment to do the title art work for the movie. What is exactly the title artwork?...mainly just the lettering for the movie. Like the words you see in the trailer above that were also used for some of the posters as well.

Upon commencement of the project, I was placed in touch with graphic artist Tina Charad. Who is well rounded in many areas of film making. I was placed in touch with her because my graphic designing majorly sucks, well...actually there is none. LOL - serious!

I pretty much had to explain what I envisioned over numerous phone calls and had to draw and re-draw rough sketches for her to understand what I wanted. Surprisingly, it was not as cumbersome or as difficult as you would think. Specially if you have clear and good references/samples to go by.

Upon her completion it was sent back to me for approval and later then forwarded to the bad ass Danny Yount to animate and create/use for the trailer and prologue to the film. the result? - a very siiiiick and appealing trailer that will also serve as the prologue and end credits to the film.

So anyhow- check it out...the lettering are my designs, which are mainly stencil letterings, as well as all the drips used in the sequences and posters. I can not take full credit though, since all were vectorized and mainly positioned by Tina (love you Tina) and animated and enhanced by Danny. (you the man Danny! thanks for making my shizzle look good)

Throughout all this, I was attempting to shinagle my way to getting flown out to London for the premiere and possibly meeting the ever so hot Madonna...but as they say....NOPE! didn't quite happen. HA!

Anyhow-make sure you go out to see it. It's really good.

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Amayzun said...

that's pretty fresh, MAKE!!


Anonymous said...

saw the trailer and had to scope out more about the artwork! love it.