Friday, July 11, 2008

New interview....

Wassup? it's been a while...a new interview went up Monday afternoon on LA TACO. The interview was done a few months back while on house arrest. Thank God I am no longer on that. Not that is was all that bad but not as good as I am now...FREE

anyhow, the interview is a bit lengthy...lengthy for those that may not read much. LOL!

So the interview is pretty thorough. I am candid about a lot of things. Hands down it is one of my favorite interviews. Thanks to Hadley for the great questions. I am overwhelmed with the level of comments made. I was not expecting so many. I am just about to reach Julia Bond's amount of comments.

anyhow - here's the link to the interview. CLICK HERE

If you didn't know - now you know...

Thanks to everyone for the comments and the votes...serious!!!

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great interview on LA Taco, dude! i read half of it so far...yeah, it's kinda long, LOL!

well, see you around. Ladies Love GALO for sure!