Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Emo attacks

What is going on people? There has apparently been a high number of EMO attacks throughout Mexico.

Gangs, so called hardcore punks, darks, rockabillys and rockers, joined together not to attend a concert or an all day music fest but for what?...to bash on EMOs. Yes, you read right - EMO bashing seems to be the new trend in Mexico. It is a movement that has become known as the "Anti-Emo Movement"

This so called "Anti-Emo Movement" recently received global attention when roughly 800 young people made up of gangs, so called hardcore punks, goths, rockabillys and rockers, movements that at one point may have been discriminated against, got together from all over Mexico to go to the city of Queretaro with the sole purpose of beating up Emo kids. This whole thing was obviously propagated through message boards, network sites and other internet blogs and whatnot. It is said it is all retardly due to the fact that these people don't like “the emo look or their attitude.” - are you serious?

It is also reported that a television figure by the name of Kristoff, a VJ for popular TV channel Telehit, is mainly responsible for fueling the anti-emo movement. He publicly launched anti-emo and derogative remarks on national TV. It was on more than one occasion that he rants messages packed with curses and obvious hate. I must admit that there is some validity to some of what was said such as: "the current movement is mainly inspired by "image" rather than a genuine music form" but still, it is no reason to televise such hateful words against someone's choice of wardrobe or look.

After becoming aware of the violent attacks he went on to condemn the violence against Emos on a subsequent broadcast after the riots occurred.

Anyways - what has happened is not cool. I don't understand why it is such a big deal how these kids dress and how they choose to be. I totally believe in protecting a culture. As a graffiti artist myself, I have experienced many robbing, or better said, appropriating our culture or sub-culture. BKA (better known as)- "Culture Vultures" - I do get upset at these wannabe graffiti inspired artists whom claim to have graffiti influences and adapt the graffiti/street lifestyle and aesthetics but I don't think I get upset enough to rally up people and bash out on them. Now for clarity, I am not against the real artists who do have street culture influence just those that fake the funk. I don't want to give reason for some to start an Anti-Galo movement.

Here's a video that aired recently on MTV.

Here are a couple more videos on the bashing throughout Mexico.

For more in-depth cocverage and reports on this please visit my friend's Daniel Hernandez' blog: or read the article he wrote for Gatopardo

Alrite ya'll - gotta get dressed in case another earthquake comes...

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