Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So many have known, as I've attempted to make every effort possible to inform you, that I've been featured in several magazines. From magazines in the US, to Mexico, Japan, Taipei, UK, Australia to name a few. In addition to print, I have also been featured/interviewed in sites such as: 50mm Los Angeles to LA TACO, FAT CAP, Guerilla One, Graffhead to also name a few. I've also been on TV shows and featured/interviewed in shows such as: Eye On LA, Mun2, Latination, Univision and so on.

Anyhow - For this quick little post, to sorta end the year, I decided to gather up and put together a compilation of interviews and features. You can click on the links above to check out the interview(s) on those sites listed and/or also cruise through the pics of these mag features below.

I will be adding more as I have more time. I will also be uploading the TV features as well once my boy gets to them and will also be including book features as well. so enjoy ya'll.

Elemental Magazine 6 Page Spread - 2005

RIME MAGAZINE 2007 small feature on my art show Karan Koron

Ilegal Skuad - Mexico - 2007

Tokyo-Drive Magazine - JAPAN - Voted 200 of Japan's Most Favorite People

US Magazine - USA

Vapors Mazgazine - USA - 2006

X-Funs Magazine - 2006


Anonymous said...

love all of it, Galo - superhot & supercool

Jaydee05 said...

Dope work man! I love it!

Sandone said...

Hoggin all the spotlight I see lil people need some shine too! Ima need ur autograh when I get to Los ang.