Sunday, May 17, 2009

Early L.A. Hip-Hop

Woke up yesterday thinking about my early days again. Don't know, but for some reason, I have been thinking about my old days a lot more recently. It is either a sign that I am getting old or just simply wanting to go back to them days when music such as the ones I will talk about and are posted here were first been aired on the radio.

KDAY (1580 AM) was the station I would listen to most. It played all the jams. Jams by Uncle Jamm's Army, Egyptian Lover, Arabian Prince, World Class Wreckin Cru and the L.A. Dream Team just to name a few.

All these groups were somewhat tied in and they all had cuts* and also legendary rappers that would later embark on their own projects and have successful musical careers. Rappers such as: Dr Dre and DJ Yella who both were in World Class Wreckin Cru and of course all know went out to form N.W.A.. The first gangster rap group to also place Compton on the map. Another such was Ice-T who used to be part of Uncle Jamm's Army and is attributed to actually spawning off the gangster rap sub-genre. Of course there were/are more like: Kid Frost, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, DJ Pooh, Chris "The Glove" Taylor and so on.

I remember Friday Night Jams when KDAY used to play about 2 hours straight of just jams. I would pull out my boom box* and throw in a cassette tape(s) that would have the little holes on the top stuffed with napkin pieces or tape them up so I can record over them. I would rummage through my mom's tapes and would ask her is she still wanted them and/or just snag my dad's tapes and scratch off the artist's name and info. And I, thinking I was slick, would hope my dad wouldn't find out but of course he would and he'd beat my ass. LOL

Anyhow, as I type I remember more and more about them days like Bobby Jimmy and the Critters which was a Los Angeles comedy rap group. They had songs such as "We Like Ugly Women" and "Roaches" which was a parody of the song by Timex Social Club, "Rumors".

Those were some fun days. And once again, as some of my previous posts, I will continue about this more on future posts. LOL (or not) But here is why I was motivated to blog. I had recently spoken to my boy Earn-One and we spoke a little of old school cats like: Minus-UCA (R.I.P) and Easie-UCA/STN/LATT (R.I.P) and how we used to chill in those days. And every time I think of them, I also think of Dorsey High School. Yeah boyee...Dorsey. They used to have pep rallies during lunch and I must say they had the best pep rallies ever. I always remember heading out there on the bus to just hang with Minus, Skil, and Easie during school. Chase-UCA would often be around too. The wild thing about this is that although I was not attending the school I would sit in their classrooms as a student just so I'd be there for the pep rallies. LOL. I never really knew how some teachers would not know while a couple would be cool about it.

Dorsey would often have the LADT perform and they were the shizzle* with jams like "The Dream Team is the House" and the electro jam "Rockberry Jam". It'd get wild with hot cheerleaders dancing wearing short skirts and everyone freaking in front of the stage getting down to the sounds of LADT.

Sadly, after their quick success, about 4 years later, I ended up working with Chris Wilson of the LADT at the Universal Cineplex Movie Theater. It was sorta surreal to be working with him and could never really comprehend how he was working as an usher for minimum wage after being on tour and all that. I guess it happens more than often as we have seen with many musicians and child stars. right?

So here are the videos: hope you listen to them. Some don't actually have videos per se but you can still listen to the jam.

L.A. Dream Team - "The Dream, Team is in The House"

L.A. Dream Teaam - "Rockberry Jam"

Bobby Jimmy and The Critters - "Roaches" - HAHAHAHAHA - can't help but laugh every time I hear this song.

Egyptian Lover - Freak-A-Holic"

That really takes me back. In a couple of days I will post a few more videos and maybe continue talking about the West Coast Hip-Hop days. i will also talk about the L.A. Street Scene and the Radio-Tron as well.

Alright ya'll peace

cut - used to describe a song. More applied to a song that was either really good or greatly liked.
shizzle - a variation of the word sh**. Mainly used to describe something really good.
boom box - a term used for hnad-held radios or cassette players. The term is still used today.


Doña Junta said...

Oh man I was busting up when you said you used to put the little pieces of paper in the tapes to record over what was already on it lol! I did the same shit so did my brothers haha I did that right up until mid to late ninties lol. I wonder how that that worked what was the concept behind that lol. That is when buying blank tapes was pretty expensive. I used to steal my parents church music too and record over it haha!!!

MakeOne, The Love Man said...

YEAH - thinking back I don't know - I guess the idea came from the actual blank tapes having the little piece to tear off once you recorder over it. So many I am assuming many guessed it would work. Much like the VHS tapes too.

so what kind of church music was it?

Doña Junta said...

I do not remember having to do it for VHS, I think that we just recorded over whatever movie was on the tape with no paper. My parents never listend to the typical Mexican music unless it was church or christian based, you know it sounds like banda/rancheras but it was christian. They would only randomly listen to the radio in the mornings like KLOVE you know Umberto Luna haha

Anonymous said...

Oh man! This was an ill post. You know, I think anyone will have a flashback with the music we have out now. You have stories for days Keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

Oh man! This was an ill post. You know, I think anyone will have a flashback with the music we have out now. You have stories for days Keep em coming!