Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday -

Today is Black Friday, a day dedicated to our basic and most pathetic inclinations.

It is a day designed by desperate retailers to bait and reel you in to buy and buy and aummm...oh yeah consume. Buy items: HDTVs, Wiis, PS3s, Guitar Hero's and stuff you probably don't need at a ridiculous bargain that you can only supposedly get once a year. And it is only possible on the day after Thanksgiving - the day after many are to give thanks for what they have and whom they have it with.

The way I see it is, these so called "doorbuster" sales are strategic designed sale boosters geared mainly to lower incomes who almost desperately rely on these discounts and sales. Most of them camping out in front of a mall in almost below-freezing temperatures (depending where you are at) on a night that should be spent with your family, friends or shoot...just at home, warm in bed with a cup of hot cocoa watching old classic movies. It is almost as though the insane early-hour doorbuster sales (starting as early as 4AM) force people to physically suffer for their purchases. Sorry, but no cheap Blu-ray player, PS3, Wii, Flat Screen is worth that.

What is even more pathetic about this whole thing is how many of the behaviors become animalistic. i.e. This morning I just read that in Long Island, New York, an employee of Wal-Mart got trampled and died!!! in addition a pregnant woman was pushed and knocked over to the floor. What is a pregnant woman doing shopping at 5AM in a sea of people??? New York News

We can also see in the following video how people are sooooo damn fixated on the "deals" that some continue storming in not bothering to help those that fall. $$$$$$$$$

In previous years, it was the shoppers who were desperate on Black Friday, with retailers playing the role of sleazy, slimey opportunists. But now, with a financial crisis in full, brutal swing, I guess both sides are equally desperate. LOL. The retailers need the shoppers as much as the shoppers need the deals right?

It's a sad situation, one that lends an extra air of patheticness to the whole ordeal.


SCAT said...

i concur

SCAT said...

... and to further aggravate the situation, this constant need to get "the best deal" has ventured into our society, mentality and emotional drought. We have began to settle or wait for "prince charming" as if it's only a once in a life time deal. Don't get me wrong, saving a few bucks here and there can add up, but what do we give up in exchange for that deal? What are we compromising... Have you ever noticed the root word of the word compromise is promise??

Dona Junta said...

I actually did buy a 32" flat screen on Black Friday but I bought it online on around midnight after i bought it I went right to sleep. It was
the same T.V, same price just like the idiots who killed themseleves waiting in line all was all the same shit but online what dummies!