Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday's TV Narrative

I was about 14 years old. I remember turning on the TV one early Saturday morning. I sat down with my bowl of Lucky Charms (save the Leprechaun jokes for later) in front of the TV to watch my morning cartoons. Having to tune in with aluminum foiled antennas I hear this guy DJing come out. A piece that read Graffiti Rock followed as people danced in the background while Kool Moe Dee rapped. I was like what the heck is this? I look at the clock and I was like it "This isn't Soul Train cuz it isn't 11am yet." So I turned up the volume and watched with enthusiasm as my Lucky Charms got soggy and my milk turned different colors. Not realizing I was to watch one of the dopest Hip-Hop shows till this day -

here's the intro - hahaha - if you watch closely you can see Debi Mazar at .36 seconds and occasionally dancing here and there. She's a hottie.

In this "ahead of it's time type show" Michael Holman, the MC of the show, who was also the producer along with Vincent Gallo back then "Prince Vince" goes on and breaks it down for the Hip-Hop movement. It was attempt to develop a show that was similar to Soul Train and American Bandstand.

With the New York City Breakers, a stage embellished with graffiti by BRIM and an MC battle between Run DMC and the Treacherous 3, this pilot show became one of my favorite shows ever. Till this day, can never grow old watching it. It always brings back good memories.

This is the New York City Breakers getting down.

The New York City breakers were managed by Micheal Holman and it was a elite crew comprised of some of the best breakers in NYC

A bit of information too. The Beastie Boys has an excerpt of the this show in their song "Alright Hear This" from their Ill Communication album.

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